Lamont Dozier's "Infidelity Song" on Dec 11 Off-Ramp

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Lamont Dozier: "And then I wrote..."

At the Grammy Museum's Songwriters Hall of Fame gallery, Lamont Dozier not only explained three of his hit songs (Stop in the Name of Love, Sugarpie Honeybunch, and How Sweet It Is), but he sang them, too. (Special Off-Ramp thanks to the Grammy Museum for supplying the sound!)
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Van Dyke Parks - Venerable, indispensible local composer

Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson talks with Van Dyke Parks on the heels of a new book on his 1968 debut album, Song Cycle.
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Hard Times - Following up with Laurel Holliday

Last month, Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson visited with Laurel Holliday, mother of three, who was fighting to keep her modified house out of foreclosure. This week, we follow up with Laurel, see how she's doing, and what her plans are for the future, if any. Video of Laurel, produced by KPCC's Cecile Gregoriades.
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OCMA Biennial - Focus on Zoe Crosher and her mystery subject

Zoe Crosher apparently found a cache of photos taken of a sort of international woman of mystery, "Michelle du Bois," and uses them in a multi-layered look at art, media, mystery, public relations, women's issues, and more.
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The Downtown Women's Center is the only facility exclusively for homeless women downtown, and women are the fastest growing segment of homeless. So, the DWC got to work, and Friday unveils its new home - the Annenberg Foundation Downtown Women's Center Wallis House, named for lead donor Wallis Annenberg. Off-Ramp host John Rabe met the DWC's CEO, Lisa Watson, in the shiny new kitchen.
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Nico Melendez is back on the job as a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration, and it feels good. That's because for 11 months, Nico was away from his wife and five kids in Kabul, where he worked with the U.S. Navy. He talked with reporter Brian Watt at LAX.
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Off-Ramp Commentator Hank Rosenfeld didn't go to the late lamented Broadway Deli on the 3d Street Promenade for the food. He went there to eavesdrop on the Industry.

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