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Off-Ramp's Celebrity "Night Before Christmas" - 12-18-2010

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Andy Rooney Doesn't Like Christmas

Andy Rooney tried, but he just doesn't like Christmas.

Mantle, Carolla, Rushdie, & Howser do Xmas

Where else will you find Larry Mantle, Salman Rushdie, Huell Howser, Kathleen Turner, and Sylvia Poggioli working together but in rendering Clement Moore's "A Visit from St Nicholas" for your ears? It's our non-denominational holiday card to you!
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Violet Hopkins' living geology

Violet Hopkins paints uneasy things: surreal underground landscapes with mysterious fleshy forms in the middle, massive volcano eruptions scaled down to the size of an iPod. And despite all that, she's one of the most friendly and approachable artists in the show.
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Street art on the move: the Mobile Mural Lab

...or MML for short. Sabiha Khan reports.
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Judy Chicago's New Frida Kahlo Book

Artist Judy Chicago's main point is that in all that's been said, written, and filmed about Frida Kahlo, nobody's looked at her as an artist without reference to her husband Diego Rivera or her accident. "Frida Kahlo - Face to Face," co-written by Chicago and art historian Frances Borzello, aims to change that. Kahlo spoke with Off-Ramp host John Rabe Tuesday, December 14. Here's the long version of their interview. CLICK THROUGH for info about Chicago's appearance at the Skirball Wednesday (12/15).
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Isaac's story begins in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he grew up with dozens of other adopted brothers and sisters under the care of Haile Selassie I, who ruled Ethiopia at the time and is regarded as Christ Incarnate in many Rastafari circles. Here, he tells Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson about his life growing up under the Emperor's care, how he made it into the USA and how the music he plays now continues to glorify his adopted father.
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Marc Haefele's tribute to "writer's writer" James Salter

Marc Haefele, Off-Ramp's lit commentator, says James Salter isn't in the public's pantheon of great writers, but if authors themselves took a vote, Salter would be right up there. He was rcently honored by PEN West with its Life Achievement award. CLICK THROUGH for an excerpt from Salter's memoir, "Burning the Days."
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EatLA/Off-Ramp Collaboration: Craft Beer Finally Made in LA

You could BUY craft beers in LA before a couple years ago, but they weren't made here. But EatLA's Pat Saperstein says 2010 is the year locally made craft beers came into their own. She joins Off-Ramp host John Rabe for another edition of the EatLA/Off-Ramp Collaboration. CLICK THROUGH for a link to one of the best local food sites around: EatLA. (The EatLA 2011 Guide was the big hit of our Fall fundraiser.)

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