Viva Paul Mazursky - Off-Ramp 1-8-2011

Celebrate Paul Mazursky - Come See His Movies on the Big Screen

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Art Carney and cat in Paul Mazursky's "Harry and Tonto."

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), Alex in Wonderland (1970), Blume in Love (1973), Harry and Tonto (1974), Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976), An Unmarried Woman (1978), Willie & Phil (1980), Tempest (1982), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986), Moon Over Parador (1988), Enemies, a Love Story (1989), Scenes from a Mall (1991) ... these are most of the films of Paul Mazursky, who turns 81 in April.

Next Saturday, the LA Film Critics Association is giving director Paul Mazursky its lifetime achievement award, which is often a bellwether for an Honorary Oscar. As part of the celebration, LACMA is screening “Harry and Tonto” on Thursday, January 13, and Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene has the honor of hosting Mazursky for the Q and A. But Greene did his own interview with Mazursky for this special Off-Ramp appreciation of the great director.

CLICK THROUGH for the "Harry and Tonto" trailer.

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