30 Years of "Quest for Fire" - Off-Ramp 1-22-11

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"Quest for Fire" turns 30

Ron Perlman and Nameer El-Kadi tell Off-Ramp's John Rabe about their first movie: 1981's "Quest for Fire," a landmark film about human life on Earth 80,000 years ago. Here's the long version of their interview. For the short version, and for John Rabe's somewhat less groundbreaking but refreshingly short sequel, "Quest for Fire 2," with Perlman and El-Kadi, CLICK THROUGH.
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On a wet Tuesday morning this past October, Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson went to Pasadena's annual Homeless Connect Day. He heard stories from several homeless people and service providers. He also talked with Joyce Miles, director of Pasadena's Union Station Homeless Services. Joyce wasn't handing pamphlets or offering advice: instead, she was painting a small, cardboard house. CLICK THROUGH to see a video of Joyce at work:
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Eat LA: Vietnamese food, North to South

In another installment of the Eat-LA/Off-Ramp Collaboration, host John Rabe and producer Kevin Ferguson talk with LA Times and Eat LA's Miles Clements about where to eat the best of Vietnam, from North to South and everything in between. CLICK THROUGH for a list of Miles' recommendations!
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Street art on the move: the Mobile Mural Lab

...or MML for short. Sabiha Khan reports.
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Pacific Serenades celebrates 25 years of music

...and 99 world premiere performances. Its 99th is titled "Chamber Jams" and was written by Army Major Dwayne Milburn. John Rabe talked with Milburn and Pacific Serenades founder Mark Carlson about the upcoming season.
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On the set with This Old House in Silverlake

In episodes that premiere in January, This Old House finally comes to Los Angeles. The 30+ year old PBS show is renovating a Spanish home in Silverlake (location secret), but they let Off-Ramp host John Rabe in to talk with host Kevin O'Connor and watch the show being taped. CLICK THROUGH for links to the show and our other This Old House interviews.
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Ashford and Simpson on a lifetime of keeping it real

Over the last few weeks, we've been hearing excerpts from a concert at the Grammy Museum. It was held to break in the new Songwriters Hall of Fame Gallery, and they gathered some of the greatest living songwriters to sing their most famous tunes. The emcee was songwriter Paul Williams, and we now hear from Ashford and Simpson.
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With the economy - or the mis-management of it - emerging as the biggest story of our time, Off-Ramp contributor Andrea Domanick tries to figure out why nobody is teaching kids about personal finance. Andrea meets up with Chuck Currier, a high school finance teacher, at the mall to find out what kids know, and don't know, about personal finance. Then she confronts her mother. While Andrea learned the value of earning what you spend, she asks her mom, why didn't you teach me how to spend it responsibly?

Mark Peel: Skip Culinary School and Work Instead!

In the latest installment of his exclusive looks inside the world of restaurants, Mark Peel, chef/owner of Campanile, says aspiring chefs would be better served by "taking the worst job at the best place" than dropping $40,000 for tuition at a cooking school.
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