Love, digging and dinner for Off-Ramp for 2-12-11

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Mubarak Reveals Real Reason for Resignation

Ever look at Mubarak closely? In this special feed audio direct from Egyptian State TV, we discover what really motivated the 82-year old dictator to step down.
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Hard Times: Marshelle Mills

Marshelle Mills is a mother of three. Her husband works for LAUSD and — until recently — she worked in child development. She's been unemployed for some time, and she's even gotten a few job offers — offers that she says she was forced to decline.
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Voluptua — TV love goddess's reign lasted less than 2 months

RH Greene tells us about Voluptua, a short-lived 1950s local tv sensation, branded "Corruptua" by Christian protest groups.
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If you read the LA Times Monday morning perhaps you saw a nice profile on Jeffrey Hildreth, the man who's dug a nearly 1800 square foot hole underneath his Sierra Madre home. Eventually he wants to construct a wine bar and art gallery there, but he's run into some trouble with the city as of late. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson broke the story last month, and he joins John with the story's latest.
KPCC's Karen Fritsche faced a common LA dilemma - how do you manage your love life in SoCal, where dating can involve hours of driving? Karen came up with a scientific solution. (Since this piece originally aired, Karen has found true love, and they live together. And her system worked.) Come inside to find out who the lovely couple are.
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For Valentine's Day

Marc Haefele tells us that the Romans didn't think Cupid was so cute.
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Vox Pop: One true love?

Off-Ramp intern Bridget Read asked passers-by one of the eternal questions: "Is there one, and only one, true love per person?"

(For Mary and Nick Roman, KPCC's Senior News Editor, it's been 25 years! Photo by Patricia Nazario.)

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Something Fishy

It's a good thing opponents of same sex marriage aren't fish. Commentator Milton Love explains the "non-traditional" sex lives of fishes.
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Dinner Party Download shoots from the hip with Chris Burden

This week, with hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam: Artist Chris Burden revokes your driver's license... We look back on the biggest little wedding of the 19th century... And the "Sushirrito" is born. Plus, PJ Harvey's new tune kills, and Weird Al Yankovic makes a rare foray into comedy.
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Shopping for a Honeymoon

UPDATE: Eve and Rico got married and honeymooned in Europe, but we still like their piece from March 2010. You can window shop for most of the things you need for a wedding… but what about a honeymoon? Well Dinner Party Download co-host Rico Gagliano is getting married and he and his fiance Eve Troeh, a producer at Marketplace Money, have the answer: the LA Times Travel and adventure show. They found it at the LA Convention Center.
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