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Why the Blue Line Kills - Off-Ramp 2-26-2011

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Don't make me stop this car!

For the finale, John does something he’s never done: the entire episode takes place in his car, including: Tom Petty's keyboardist, Benmont Tench, cramming his Casio into the back seat to play a very Off-Rampy song ... Off-Ramp’s first producer, Queena Kim, talks about the genesis of Off-Ramp ... Russ Parsons, the former LA Times food writer, and John talk about how food unites the diverse communities of Southern California, over a piece of delicious pie ... Two champions of local history and historic preservation – Charles Phoenix and Chris Nichols – talk about the joys of getting lost in Southern California ... Airtalk host Larry Mantle takes John to Pasadena’s historic Colorado Street Bridge ... And shhh! Don’t tell anyone … LA Mayor Eric Garcetti will be there, too. (PHOTO: A closed off-ramp on the 110 freeway. Credit John Rabe)

The Penultimate Off-Ramp ... and a naked neutered mummy and the Italians who love him

On the second to last episode: an expert on relics, mummies, crypts, and the way we live with death ... KPCC's Matt Bloom looks at the fungal disease killing LA's ficus trees ... The amazing career of Ruth Batchelor: founder of the LA Film Critics Association and songwriter for Elvis ... Lou Adler on the 50th anniversary the Monterey Pop Music Festival ... And Off-Ramp's last producer remembers the first time ever he heard our show. (Image: John Rabe)

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Grassroots Trans Pride

We sample astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson's talk last weekend at the Aero Theatre, including his top StarTalk guests ... For Trans Pride: punk singer Drew Arriola Sands, whose career took off after she transitioned ... The California African American Museum's "The Evanesced," inspired by a notorious South LA serial killer, celebrates black women's lives. ... Hank Rosenfeld's card to his late father. We'll hear a poignant Father's Day card from contributor Hank Rosenfeld. Hank plays tape of him and his late father – a World War Two vet and shoe store magnate - driving around their hometown, talking about life.

What color are these Muppets? A little blue.

Brian Henson pays tribute to his dad Jim's bawdier side in "Puppet Up! Uncensored" ... the new book "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone" ... A restaurant where you're served by our robot overlords ... We talk with the dancing homeless Crenshaw Cowboy by his spaceship ... And rescuing The Formosa Cafe, a piece of Hollywood history. (Photo: Cypress Park, June 2017. John Rabe)

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