Wham! Ouch! Stickfighting on Off-Ramp - 4-9-2011

Peruvian Americans speak out about elections at home

Mercer 16805

Renzo Uccelli/Getty

Alberto Fujimori (L) and his then 20-year-old daughter Keiko in 1995.

This Sunday, you can find nearly every Peruvian citizen living Los Angeles in Gardena, of all places.

They'll be taking part in their country's first round of presidential elections. This time one of the top vote getters might be Keiko Fujimori. She's the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori--and she's promised that once she's elected, she'll cut short the sentence her father is serving for human rights violations. For some Peruvians, Sunday's election brings back memories of more turbulent times.

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