Wham! Ouch! Stickfighting on Off-Ramp - 4-9-2011

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Dog Brothers bond over Sticks and Kicks

Off-Ramp's Raghu Manavalan speaks to Marc Denny, president of Dog Brothers Martial Arts, about why he started an anything-goes fighting group. Sticks, knives, and whips are all a part of the friendship amongst fighters. CLICK THROUGH to see the Dog Brothers in action
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Gary Leonard, the ubiquitous freelance photographer who's been covering LA for decades, is bracing for his milestone 60th birthday. He doesn't mind turning 60, he says, but he hates parties. However, his family and friends prevailed on him to throw a big party and sale at his downtown LA gallery. CLICK THROUGH for all the details of the April 22d event. And listen to our interview, done a couple years ago, when he opened his downtown LA gallery, "Take My Picture Gary Leonard," on Broadway at 9th.
Hard Times: Pink Slip

Hard Times: LAUSD teacher Rosanna White

For the last few months, Off-Ramp has been asking every day people the same simple question: now that recession is supposedly over, how are you making ends meet? This time Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson talks to Rosanna White, a teacher with LAUSD.
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The usual suspects make the LA Downtown News' "42 Most Powerful People in Downtown" list, but Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with executive editor Jon Regardie about the names that might surprise you. CLICK THROUGH for a link to the whole list.
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Peruvian Americans speak out about elections at home

This Sunday, you can find nearly every Peruvian citizen living Los Angeles in Gardena, of all places.
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Steve Riboli tours Rabe through his family's San Antonio Winery, which has made it more than 90 years through wars, Prohibition, recessions and a Depression, not to mention the Great California Wine Revolution.

RH Greene: Friday Phenom a Frankenstein Story

Off-Ramp contributor R.H. Greene, a filmmaker himself, says the hullabaloo over Rebecca Black's "Friday" video is a sort of Frankenstein story.
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Slideshow: Rabe tours San Antonio Winery

COME INSIDE for an exclusive slideshow of my tour of the San Antonio Winery with Steve Riboli. (Photos and slideshow by Gina Delvac.)
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John Frame Came Down from the Mountain with a Dream

The artist John Frame has come down from the mountains with a new exhibit that came out of a dream. “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” is at the Huntington in San Marino until June 27th. It blends found objects, dozens of eerie hand-carved mannequins, stop-motion animation, and the sets the movie was filmed on. Off-Ramp host John Rabe met Frame at the Huntington. CLICK THROUGH to watch Frame's movie, “Three Fragments of a Lost Dream."
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LA Record talks with latin rockers Chicano Batman

Local band Chicano Batman, yes that's their real name, formed just a couple years ago but have a sound that spans decades and continents: Brazilian tropicalia, Mexican cumbia, Chilean funk, even American psychedelia.
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Cyberfrequencies takes a fresh look at sampling

Girl Talk, Biz Markie, Gilbert O'Sullivan, what do they all have in common? Sampling. Tanya and Queena talk to Johanna Blakley about the decades old--and potentially illegal--practice of using pieces of old songs to make new ones
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