From Passover to Potholes - Off-Ramp 4-16-11

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John Frame Came Down from the Mountain with a Dream

The artist John Frame has come down from the mountains with a new exhibit that came out of a dream. “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale” is at the Huntington in San Marino until June 27th. It blends found objects, dozens of eerie hand-carved mannequins, stop-motion animation, and the sets the movie was filmed on. Off-Ramp host John Rabe met Frame at the Huntington. CLICK THROUGH to watch Frame's movie, “Three Fragments of a Lost Dream."
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Gary Leonard, the ubiquitous freelance photographer who's been covering LA for decades, is bracing for his milestone 60th birthday. He doesn't mind turning 60, he says, but he hates parties. However, his family and friends prevailed on him to throw a big party and sale at his downtown LA gallery. CLICK THROUGH for all the details of the April 22d event. And listen to our interview, done a couple years ago, when he opened his downtown LA gallery, "Take My Picture Gary Leonard," on Broadway at 9th.

Passover in the Desert

UPDATE: This piece is from the 2010 Off-Ramp archive KPCC's John Rabe talks with two men who will be spending Passover -- which starts Monday evening -- in the desert. To get back to their religious roots, Michael Chusid and Marc Weigensberg and up to forty other Jews will gather at a spot somewhere in the Mojave for several days. Away from the distractions of the modern world, they'll experience a Passover much more as their spiritual ancestors did, and not incidentally get closer to the earth. COME INSIDE for a link to their group's website, and an explanation of the tent, above.
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Nick Waterhouse is a twenty-five year old San Francisco-based musician and producer from Huntington Beach who makes R&B records that sound like they’re straight out of the 60s. He’s got a real love and understanding of analog production and the success of his first single led to several other California bands asking him to produce their records. Off-Ramp’s Lainna Fader talked with Nick on his most recent trip to Los Angeles.
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Dinner Party Download does drinks, history, jokes, and movie culture. All to help win your dinner party in under 10 minutes.
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The Dodgers are back in town for their first home stand after their horrific opening day. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with KPCC Managing Editor Nick Roman about how the Dodgers are handling the fallout.
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LA's growing pothole problem

If the roads in Los Angeles seem worse than usual, it’s because they are. The city’s Bureau of Street Services says this year is shaping up to be one of the worst years for potholes in recent memory. KPCC's Sanden Totten found first hand after a pothole on Wilshire Boulevard blew out his tire.
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LA's Mann Bros - Thomas and Heinrich

Off-Ramp Literary Commentator Marc Haefele tells about two Mann's who lived in LA: the famous Thomas Mann (left), and his better angel and brother, Heinrich.
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