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SPARK connects students to dream jobs

Mercer 17491

Brian Watt

Luz Moreno debuts her film at SPARK's Discovery Night, after her apprenticeship with 20th Century Fox.

Chris Balme is the co-founder of SPARK, an organization that creates one-on-one apprenticeships for middle school students from disadvantaged communities. Students get direct experience with firefighters, architects, costume designers, and veterinarians, the types of jobs students dream about attaining.

At the end of the 9-week apprenticeships, students take part in a Discovery Night: a show-and-tell open house for the kids and their mentors. That's where Brian Watt met 13-year old Luz Moreno last year, a student at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. She apprenticed with 20th Century Fox in the marketing department, and wound up making a trailer for her fantasy movie, "Zombie Killer of Camino Nuevo."

CLICK THROUGH to see Luz Moreno's trailer

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