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"Drive" novelist James Sallis - Off-Ramp 7-2-11

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D is for Dog, Dark, and Daring

"D is for Dog," a dark combo of stage acting, video, and puppetry that will leave you shaken and thinking about the nature and the future of man ... and his best friend.
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UPDATE: "Drive" opens Friday, September 16. Here's the Off-Ramp interview with the man who wrote the novella the movie's based on. Translator of French obscurata, poet, sci-fi author and editor, bluegrass musician, noir novelist, musicologist, Friend of Haefele. James Sallis, writer for almost 50 years, is finally a bit famous because he wrote the novel "Drive," which the new Ryan Gosling movie is based on. In a special Off-Ramp podcast, KPCC's John Rabe talked with Sallis about his long career.
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John Darnielle fronts the Mountain Goats, a literate folk band that operates out of North Carolina. But Darnielle — who has been called one of the best living lyricists-made a name for himself in Southern California, where he released dozens of home-recorded tapes and CDs in the 90s. He was in town recently to promote the new Mountain Goats album, "All Eternals Deck," and talked with Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson.
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Just this past week LA Weekly announced its newest hire: incoming music editor, Ben Westhoff. Ben is the author of several books and has written for Spin, the Village Voice and New York Magazine. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Ben to better know him before he heads out West.
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Times' film critic Richard Corliss recently posted his list of the "All-Time 25 Best Animated Films." Off-Ramp animation expert Charles Solomon says it's pretty awful.
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Have you seen this sculpture? Of course you've seen something like it: Elegantly dressed George Washington peering towards the horizon, strong chin, raised eyebrow, stern, heroic expression. Your eccentric high school civics teacher might've owned something similar. But those other sculptures don't have nearly the same history.
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The film "A Better Life" follows a Mexican immigrant gardener and his son as they move through the landscapes of Los Angeles. The urban environment around them, where they live and work, deepens the themes of the film, and reflects hard truths about the city's green space.
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Did Jamie Oliver's show spark a 'Food Revolution' in LA?

After well-publicized conflicts with the Los Angeles Unified School District, reality television star Jamie Oliver wrapped up the second season of his show, "Food Revolution," last week. Did the program have an impact --or even pose the right ideas -- about how to improve nutrition in L.A. schools?
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Off-Ramp host John Rabe and LA Times reporter Howard Blume go to Eagle Rock Elementary to debate the new LAUSD mandate that homework can make up only 10% of a student's grade.

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