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Lisa See Dreams of Joy on Off-Ramp 7-30-11

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Memorial Day, WWII a family affair for Kevin Ferguson

8/1/2011 - A SAD UPDATE: Kevin's Grandmother passed away early Sunday morning. She was 87. Team Off-Ramp and all of KPCC send condolences to Kevin's family. For most historians, there are few stories more compelling than that of the USS Indianapolis: a heavy cruiser that had seen battle for nearly all of World War Two. Its final voyage was one of the most integral, yet disastrous missions in the history of the US Navy. And for Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson, it’s a story that hits very close to home.

LA Jewish Symphony Exalts at Ford Amphitheatre Aug 14

Sunday, August 14, the LA Jewish Symphony will be performing a program called Exaltation!, with the symphony and special guests playing music that tells Bible stories. The program features the group's usual mix of classical and pops, instrumental and vocal. Off-Ramp's John Rabe talked with the LA Jewish Symphony's founder and artistic director, Maestra Noreen Green.
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Lisa See's "Shanghai Girls" ended with a cliffhanger, but now it's payback time in the historically rich See-quel, "Dreams of Joy," fills in Americans on Mao's disastrous Great Leap Forward.
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Since 1984, Stan Sakai has been drawing Usagi Yojimbo, a comic book about a rabbit samurai. But Sakai is an independent artist and is faced with medical bills for his wife Sharon's illness.
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The fantastic and freaky films of Sion Sono

Japanese cult writer-director Sion Sono started out as prolific poet until he took up filmmaking. He earned worldwide critical acclaim for his film "Love Exposure" — a four-hour epic that tackles life's biggest issues: love, death, sex, revenge, religion and up-skirt panty photography. His latest is "Cold Fish," which screens at Cinefamily on Aug. 6 and 7. It's a tale of a tropical fish salesman who’s drawn into the dark orbit of a charismatic, middle-aged serial killer, based on a true story. He talked with Off-Ramp’s Lainna Fader on his last trip to L.A.
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Isamu Noguchi: California Legend

The Laguna Art museum is currently celebrating the legendary, late artist Isamu Noguchi, who was born in Los Angeles. They're showing two exhibitions at the museum and giving a special focus to California Scenario, a garden in Costa Mesa and one of Noguchi's last public pieces. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson met with curator Grace Kook-Anderson at the site of California Scenario.
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Jam and Banter with LA's Leftover Cuties

In a world where making a living in music gets harder every day, LA's Leftover Cuties has it down pat: you can hear their music on TV, iTunes and in venues all over LA. Just this past week, they appeared at our very own Crawford Family Forum for a performance and a talk about how to make it in today's changing music industry. The event was moderated by Joe Armstrong, of Airtalk and Pasadena City College's Lancer Radio.
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Pioneer LA Chicano artist Gilbert 'Magu' Lujan's legacy

Los Angeles-based visual artist Gilbert “Magu” Lujan died last Sunday. He was 70 years old. In a career that spanned five decades, Lujan worked to open established galleries to emerging Chicano artists, and to spark discussions about the direction of the art.
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Hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam give you your weekly dose of history, culture, and booze. On this week's show, Miranda July tells a joke, explore some little known Civil War history and talk with writers Mike Cahill and Brit Marling--they wrote the new film Another Earth.

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