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25 years after the Cerritos plane crash

by Off-Ramp®

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Two firemen stand in the middle of smoking plane wreckage, charred timbers and solitary chimneys with TV antennas, all that remain after a collision between an Aeroméxico jetliner and a smaller craft over Cerritos. Paul Chin/Herald Examiner/LA Public Library Photo Collection

25 years ago this week, Aeromexico flight 498 was making its descent into LAX when a smaller, private plane carrying just three passengers collided with it mid-air. The planes spiraled down towards Cerritos. All in all 82 people died, 15 of them were on the ground. Nick Roman is KPCC's Managing Editor. Back then, he was working for a station in Long Beach. He talked with Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson about the accident.

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