RIP Downtown Theater Savior - Off-Ramp 9-3-2011

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Phillip Peters has brought his 5,000 gallon shark tank trailer to the LA County Fair, where it's on display -- with him in it -- every day for the run of the fair. He tells Ashley Bailey why he does it, where the sharks come from, where he takes them, and which shark is his favorite.
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UPDATE: A Noise Within opened the new theatre October 29 with a joyous performance of Twelfth Night, updated to pre-Castro Cuba. The next play up is O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms," which opens November 19. Here's our sneak preview of the new space, which aired August 2011. After 19 years in a funky but impractical space in Glendale, A Noise Within, the classical rep theatre company, is building a new home in East Pasadena with the help of a $13m capital campaign. The theatre's founders give Off-Ramp host John Rabe an exclusive tour of the beautiful new facility, which opens in late October.

Mayor Bogaard's Plans for East Pasadena

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with longtime Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard about A Noise Within's place in his dreams for East Pasadena.
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Savior of downtown LA theaters, Ezat Delijani, dead at 83

In 1982, when Ezat Delijani bought his first endangered movie palace in downtown Los Angeles, it was an act of faith. Now, it's a given that places like the Orpheum and the Million Dollar Theatre should be preserved for posterity. Delijani, an Iran-born philanthropist, died Saturday. He was 83.
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25 years after the Cerritos plane crash

25 years ago this week, Aeromexico flight 498 was making its descent into LAX when a smaller, private plane carrying just three passengers collided with it mid-air. The planes spiraled down towards Cerritos. All in all 82 people died, 15 of them were on the ground. Nick Roman is KPCC's Managing Editor. Back then, he was working for a station in Long Beach. He talked with Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson about the accident.
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From September 2 through 5, the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel will host a weekend of "sweet and hot" jazz from the 1920s - 1950s, America's Golden Age of popular music.
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8-31-2011 UPDATE: Herb Jeffries is scheduled to appear at the Sweet and Hot Music Festival, which is at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel from September 2 through 5. It's a weekend of jazz from the 1920s - 1950s, America's Golden Age of popular music. 97-year old Herb Jeffries had two distinct careers. He's been called the Bronze Buckaroo, the two gun man from Harlem, Herb Jeffries was the first African American actor to star in a Western film back in 1937. But he also sang with Duke Ellington in the early 40s. "Flamingo" was his signature song. Jeffries is still singing today. If the 97 year old Jeffries is feeling up to it, you can see him perform this weekend at the the 14th Annual Sweet and Hot Music Festival at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel. KPCC's Brian Watt talked with Jeffries for Off-Ramp. COME INSIDE to see Jeffries singing years ago, and for a link to the festival.
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Meet KPCC's newest blogger: Matt DeBord

If you visit our website, kpcc dot org, you might have noticed something new: the Debord Report - a look at Southern California's economy through the eyes of writer Matthew DeBord. He talked with Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson.
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Stepping into a full-contact stickfighting ring

Parks on Sunday morning are typically reserved for dog-walking or quiet picnics, but for members of an anything-goes fighting organization, Sunday mornings are anything but a walk in the park. Off-Ramp's Raghu Manavalan went down to Hermosa Beach to see the action.
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