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Marc Haefele's Mexican Revolution Recommendations

Marc writes, "Here are some classic, Post WW II non-Mexican movies about the Mexican Revolution. The list is by no means comprehensive..."

Viva Zapata (1952). Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn. Elia Kazan directed it and John Steinbeck shares script credit. To me, it's the classic liberal Yanqui vision of the event.

Viva Maria (1965). Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot. Revolucion with a French touch -- to say the least.

Villa Rides (1968) Yul Brynner in a wig as Pancho Villa.

The Wild Bunch (1969). Peckenpah's vision. Everyone likes it but me.

A Fist Full of Dynamite (1971). Sergio Leone's version of the above. I like it much better. James Coburn and his famous teeth.

And here are some classic Mexican films about the Revolution and its period. They are available with English subtitles but not easy to find that way.

El Principio (1972) Director: Gonzalo Martinez Ortega

Cananea (1976) director: Marcela Fernandez Violante

La Casta Divina (1976) Director: Julian Pastor

Cuartelazo (1976) Director: Alberto Isaac

The library of books on the subject is too huge to cover. But my favorite primer is "El Revolucioncita Mexicana" by the Mexican graphic artist Rius. It's a little cartooned paperback in Spanish, but readable by 2nd year Spanish dropouts.