Feeding the Hungry on Off-Ramp - 10-8-2011


Massage tour of L.A.: "The Spa Less Traveled"

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Gail Herndon and Brenda Goldstein, who tried dozens of ethnic spas across L.A. for their new guidebook, "The Spa Less Traveled."

LA Regional Food Bank as poverty barometer

The latest US Census numbers show more Americans are living under the poverty line than at any time in the last 52 years, when they started keeping track of the statistic. This was no surprise to Michael Flood, head of the LA Regional Food Bank, who met Off-Ramp host John Rabe in the warehouse of the Food Bank's South L.A. headquarters.

Fighting bullying with jiu-jitsu in East Pasadena

Off-Ramp host John Rabe visits Gracie Barra, a jiu-jitsu center in East Pasadena that teaches kids self-defense skills, but – more importantly – teaches them self-respect.
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Hard Times: Marshelle Mills

Marshelle Mills is a mother of three. Her husband works for LAUSD and — until recently — she worked in child development. She's been unemployed for some time, and she's even gotten a few job offers — offers that she says she was forced to decline.

Goodbye, Columbus Day. Hello #ColumboDay!

To celebrate #ColumboDay, here's John Rabe's conversation with William Link, co-creator of the GOOD lieutenant, "Columbo."
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Orff-Ramp — Music for Kids

Ilsa Setziol takes us to a music school for toddlers and little kids that uses the teachings of Carl Orff, the composer of "Carmina Burana."
Note from John Rabe: It's a real pleasure to work with Larry Mantle, who started hosting Airtalk on April 1, 1985 (when I was 19). We threw a party for Larry this week, with Morning Edition host Steve Julian as the MC, since he's known Larry for 27 years. I was honored to be asked to interview Larry at the party, held in the Crawford Family Forum here at the Mohn Broadcast Center. Here's some of our conversation, which covers Larry's beginnings as a would-be pastor, his love of live radio, and s-e-x.

CyberFrequencies marks Afghanistan anniversary

CyberFrequencies' Queena Kim, Tanya Miller, and guests consider the US war in Afghanistan, ten years on.
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