Off-Ramp Occupies Occupy LA - Nov. 12, 2011

Occupy LA - the scene at City Hall on Monday and Tuesday

Sam Slovick, a trans-platform journalist, guides Off-Ramp host John Rabe through Occupy LA's encampment at LA City Hall on Monday and Tuesday, November 7 and 8, 2011.
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Barry Cutler and the Crystal Cathedral

UPDATE 11/18/2011: (AP) The Crystal Cathedral will sell its iconic, gleaming glass building to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. The move was approved Thursday by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge after a bidding war between the diocese and Orange County's Chapman University for the sprawling 40-acre property, and was opposed by many Crystal Cathedral congregants who fear it will be the end of their church. The diocese will pay $57.5 million to use the building in Garden Grove, made of 10,000 panes of glass, as a long-sought countywide cathedral. ----- The reputation of the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, has taken a big hit lately, after declaring bankruptcy last year, with fifty-million dollars of debt. The Diocese of Orange ($57.5 million) and Chapman University ($51.5 million) are in a bidding war for the 40-acre property. How far the Crystal Cathedral has fallen since Robert Schuller founded the ministry more than fifty years ago! Actor and Off-Ramp commentator Barry Cutler remembers the happier years.
Jazz at the A Frame, Betty Hoover's delightful home, might be LA's best jazz club. It's probably the best place to hear jazz ... not cell-phones, talkers, or clinking glasses and plates.
Ed Moses Downtown

Three Places: Pacific Standard Time artist Ed Moses

Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson has been asking artists featured in Pacific Standard Time to show us three places in LA important them. It can be a gallery, a house, a park--anywhere local. This time, he talked with painter Ed Moses.

20 years after Magic: a new face of AIDS

Twenty years ago, Magic Johnson announced publicly that he was HIV-positive. That was the year a young woman named Temper Goldie was born in Oceanside. Like Magic, Goldie is HIV-positive, but because of what Magic did, she can be open about it. KPCC’s John Rabe spoke with Goldie at Occupy LA.

David Dean Bottrell makes love, life, laughs

David Dean Bottrell, the screenwriter and actor, is back with another run of his one-man show "David Dean Bottrell Makes Love." The show is a collection of stories about Bottrell's life experiences with love.
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Founded in 1911, the Los Angeles Pigeon Club has made a name for itself by celebrating, elevating and exhibiting one of the most ordinary, unavoidable birds in the world. But after one look at the kind of fowl that the LA pigeon club exhibits, and you'll see these birds are anything but ordinary. Just this past week the group held their 100th annual Pageant of Pigeons event in Riverside. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to the club's monthly meeting in El Monte last year.
So stuffed full of creativity was Lyonel Feininger’s life that even its 84 years seem too short. So says Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele about the life and work of one of America and Germany’s most prolific and enigmatic artists, whose little known photographs are now showing at the Getty.

New Conservation Carousel finds home at LA Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo’s newest attraction is jam-packed with animals saddled up and ready to ride. It’s a carousel. Zoo officials hope the new Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel will offer visitors more than just a pleasant spin.
Peter Stenshoel's album of the week: Fred Mcdowell

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