Flying cars, flying angels, and EatLA - Off-Ramp, November 19, 2011

Eat LA feeds the occupiers, champions parsley and celebrates the "Kobe Beef of Pork"

Serving Occupy LA food

Kevin Ferguson

A member of Occupy Los Angeles serves Jennie Cook's catered meal for fellow demonstrators.

Occupy LA Food

Kevin Ferguson

Macaroni and cheese, provided by Jennie Cook for Occupy Los Angeles

There’s artisanal cheese, small batch whiskeys, and heirloom watermelon— so why not fresh, free-range, acorn-fed pork?

This week, Eat LA tags along with a caterer who brings her food to the Occupy protestors in front of City Hall every Thursday. Then, writer Linda Burum breaks the big news, at last: raw, bellota iberico ham has arrived in Los Angeles! Finally, like so many plates of diner food, we finish off this week’s show with parsley: the ubiquitous, maligned green sprig most diners ignore. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talked parsley with chef Mark Peel, owner of Campanile and Tar Pit.

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