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Flying cars, flying angels, and EatLA - Off-Ramp, November 19, 2011

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Street artists sue, saying AEG destroyed their art

AEG, which owns the Ritz-Carlton Residences at LA Live, is being sued in federal court for allegedly destroying artwork by three California artists, Mear One, Chor Boogie, and Shark Toof. They did their high-end street art in a penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton for an LA Art Show event, allegedly with the understanding that it was on-loan, and would be returned.
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Barry Cutler and the Crystal Cathedral

UPDATE 11/18/2011: (AP) The Crystal Cathedral will sell its iconic, gleaming glass building to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. The move was approved Thursday by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge after a bidding war between the diocese and Orange County's Chapman University for the sprawling 40-acre property, and was opposed by many Crystal Cathedral congregants who fear it will be the end of their church. The diocese will pay $57.5 million to use the building in Garden Grove, made of 10,000 panes of glass, as a long-sought countywide cathedral. ----- The reputation of the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, has taken a big hit lately, after declaring bankruptcy last year, with fifty-million dollars of debt. The Diocese of Orange ($57.5 million) and Chapman University ($51.5 million) are in a bidding war for the 40-acre property. How far the Crystal Cathedral has fallen since Robert Schuller founded the ministry more than fifty years ago! Actor and Off-Ramp commentator Barry Cutler remembers the happier years.
Serving Occupy LA food
There’s artisanal cheese, small batch whiskeys, and heirloom watermelon— so why not fresh, free-range, acorn-fed pork?

Loscon 38 sci-fi convention asks, where's our flying car? Dale Hoppert answers.

Nov 25-27, the LA Science Fantasy Society runs Loscon 38, the annual sci-fi convention. The topic this year is something that's been on Commentator Dale Hoppert's mind for some time. Where's my flying car and my robot pal. In other words, what happened to the future we were promised?
These are the questions asked at the 2011 Drug Policy Reform Conference held in downtown LA recently: will California, Washington State or Colorado vote to legalize marijuana in 2012? What are the solutions to the national overdose crisis that takes more lives than car accidents or gun violence? Why do blacks go to jail for drugs at 13 times the rate of whites even though they use and sell drugs at similar rates? KPCC's Frank Stoltze toured the conference and met a mom with two sons addicted to heroin, a Montanan fighting his state's lawmakers, and a cannabis journalist whom he asks, "Do we know if Jesus smoked pot?"

Ilsa Setziol remembers Indian elder Katherine Siva Saubel

Californians lost a cultural treasure when the California Indian elder Katherine Siva Saubel died a couple of weeks ago. As one of the last native speakers of the Cahuilla language, spoken by some tribes in and around the Mojave desert, Saubel spent much of the 20th century preserving her culture.
Dodger Stadium under construction in Chavez Ravine.

Why not move the Dodgers into the downtown NFL stadium?

It would enrage traditionalists and preservationists, but Phil Anschutz could solve nagging problems with football in LA, the Dodgers, and the legacy of Chavez Ravine.
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Clayton Kershaw's Cy Young

KPCC's managing editor Nick Roman is not the only Dodger fan elated at Clayton Kershaw's Cy Young award, but he might be the only one -- besides Jon Regardie -- who thinks it's okay for the team to move downtown.
Darrell Bailey, known as Clipper Darrell, sits with the Chick Hearn statue in the Staples Center courtyard

Locked out of the NBA with Clipper Darrell

By now, the LA Clippers should be well into yet another disappointing basketball season, but the NBA has canceled games through December 15th, and many doubt the season can be saved. Off-Ramp’s Raghu Manavalan met with 18-year long Clipper fan Clipper Darrell, real name Darrell Bailey, in front of a desolate Staples Center to talk about his affinity for the Clippers, his attempts to camp out in front of Staples Center until the lockout ends, and the labor dispute's impact on the Los Angeles community.
Album of the week - Hejira by Joni Mitchell

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