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"Man Cave," "I know, right?" -- Word Banishment nominations close soon

Chris Gulker, LA Public Library/Herald-Examiner Collection

1981: A student tackles English at Marcus Garvey Elementary, an alternative school in South Central Los Angeles.

Every year, Lake Superior State University in Soo MI banishes words and phrases from the English language. Stuff like "de-plane" (1981), "dawg" (2006), "giving 110%" (1998), and "bottom line" (1979 and 1992). This year, LSSU's Tom Pink told KPCC's John Rabe, the nominations include "not gonna lie;" "I know, right?;" "game-changer;" "flash mob;" "Californicate," and "man cave." But there's still room for more, from you. Deadline: Dec 15.

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