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Eat LA: happy hours, sad customers and 30 sandwiches

Elina Shatkin

Kevin Ferguson

Elina Shatkin of Eat: Los Angeles and LA Weekly at Brent's Deli in Northridge.

A steady diet of sandwiches, LA’s best happy hours, and the greatest Sunset Strip burger joint you’ll never eat at.

This time, Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talks with Eat LA’s Elina Shatkin, who’s just completing her ambitious 30 sandwiches in 30 days project. John Rabe, Colleen Bates and Kevin Ferguson grab a drink and talk about some of LA's best happy hours. And finally, Colleen Bates talks with Rob Vautherine, a regular at the soon-to-be-shuttered Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset.

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