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World War One history lesson in an 18-wheeler

U.S. National Archive/US Army

Men of U.S. 64th Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, celebrate the news of the Armistice, November 11, 1918.

Out of 65-million participants in World War 1, there's one left, a 110-year old British woman who was a waitress in the Women's RAF. That means almost nobody's s left to relate firsthand the war that waged from 1914 to 1918, killed millions of soldiers, redrew the map of Europe, and contributed to the start of World War 2. A traveling exhibit might be the next best thing, and is on its way to Southern California. It's a specially outfitted 18-wheeler that's in the midst of a national tour, which locally starts at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana on January 21st before hitting 8 other cities, including Palm Springs, Long Beach, Riverside, and Pasadena. Off-Ramp host John Rabe spoke with Daralee Barbera, event organizer.

The traveling World War One museum is supported by Waddell & Reed, the mutual fund company. The two founders of Waddell & Reed, Chauncey Waddell and Cameron Reed, were veterans of World War I. Daralee Barbera is managing principal at the company.

Traveling World War I exhibit schedule:

Jan 21: Lyon Air Museum, 19300 Ike Jones Road, Santa Ana, CA 92707 (on the west side of John Wayne Airport, at the end of Baker St.)

Jan 25: Palm Springs at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Jan 28: Long Beach at The Queen Mary

Feb 2: Pasadena at Pasadena City Hall

Feb 4: Riverside at March Field Museum

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