Dodger Clayton Kershaw and wife build African orphanage - Off-Ramp for January 21, 2012

Dodger Clayton Kershaw and wife Ellen help African orphans

Tired of bad news out of Dodger Stadium? You'll forget about Frank McCourt when you listen to Clayton and Ellen Kershaw talk about their experiences helping orphans in Africa.

Sundance-bound director uses movie 'Dol' to come out

L.A. director Andrew Ahn might be the first filmmaker to use a movie to come out to his parents. His film played at Sundance this past weekend.
From Pann's to LAX, Chinese-American architects played a role. Pacific Standard Time at the Chinese American Museum celebrates Choy, Fong, Wong, and Leong.
Human Head Found

Hollywood hiker mistook severed head for prop

After joking that it looked like a skull, Lauren Kornberg had convinced herself it was a realistic Hollywood prop and was ready to continue hiking. Her mother decided they should investigate.
Chris Felver - Just Occupy
Possibly one of the first art exhibits inspired by the Occupy movement, a Santa Monica gallery presents Just Occupy: featuring Shepard Fairey, Tod Soqui and more.
Troy Isaac

Helping the homeless in any way

Last year there were an estimated more than 51,000 homeless in L.A. County. Troy Isaac is 38, and he's trying to change that.
Acts In Kindness
Troy Erik Isaac is a homeless advocate who travels all over Los Angeles by foot helping any person he meets—he almost never ignores a phone call. But maybe even more compelling is his long, sometimes troubled history.

Eat LA: RIP Angeli Caffe & Drago Santa Monica, but hello Cafe Livre

Eat:LA's Colleen Bates talks with Evan Kleiman and Jonathan Gold about the death of groundbreaking LA restaurant Angeli Caffe. Colleen and Jonathan also consider the closing of the Drago flagship and Pasadena's Michelin-starred Trez Venizie. Plus, Off-Ramp host John Rabe goes to Culver City to check out Farid Zadi's new bistro, Cafe Livre.

Pacific Standard Time: Conceptual art at OCMA

Conceptual art is as much, or more, about the process of experiencing (making, looking at, thinking about, documenting) art as the art object itself. And SoCal, not weighed down by the strictures and structures of the art establishment, was a hotbed of conceptual art. It's the focus of the Orange County Museum of Art's Pacific Standard Time entry, State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talked with artist Al Ruppersberg, a surprise guest, and OCMA's co-curator, Karen Moss. (The exhibit closes January 22d, so go see it now!)

Anime's 40-year old teenager: Yuri Lowenthal

Off-Ramp animation expert Charles Solomon talks with the voice behind the animated characters any ten-year boy knows: Yuri Lowenthal.
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