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Becoming Judy Garland - Off-Ramp for February 4, 2011

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Peter Mac as Judy Garland - a 3D tribute

Peter Mac has been performing tributes to Judy Garland for 11 years. His new show in West Hollywood brings all of Judy to the stage, not just the addictions.
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Lisa See's "Shanghai Girls" ended with a cliffhanger, but now it's payback time in the historically rich See-quel, "Dreams of Joy," fills in Americans on Mao's disastrous Great Leap Forward.
Southern Californian Lisa See's "Shanghai Girls," a meticulously researched novel about two young Chinese women who flee Shanghai in the late 1930s.
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A game with Dodger Stadium's veteran ball hawks

If you’re one of the ball hawks at Dodger Stadium, every game is only about baseball…or baseballs. Ball hawks try to grab as many baseballs as they can.

Fighting anti-gay bullying in the classroom with... theater

California teachers are required to stop anti-gay bullying in their classrooms. One group is using theater to show teachers how to counteract sexual bias.
Good Magazine Next Big Thing

GOOD Magazine tries to find the next big thing

GOOD Magazine dedicates itself to finding ideas that are innovative and sustainable. In their latest issue, they try to find the next big thing.

Hank Rosenfeld answers, "What the %$#@ is Moomat Ahiko?"

The sign in Santa Monica hung over Off-Ramp contributor Hank Rosenfeld like an overdue DWP bill. "Moomat Ahiko." A small mystery he unravelled with the help of a chanteuse. (That's French for beautiful singer.)

Getty shows Valentine's big idea

It's a 12' x 8', almost 2-ton, polyester resin sculpture made by De Wain Valentine in the 1970s. It encapsulates what "Pacific Standard Time" is all about: it's a groundbreaking piece, made here, and is a bear to take care of.

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