Love Is ... Off-Ramp for February 11, 2012

Ivy Bottini, 85 year old gay marriage supporter celebrates prop 8 verdict

Mae Ryan

Ivy Bottini, 85, has been a lifelong advocate for gay rights and spoke at West Hollywood's City Hall on February 7th, 2012.

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Longtime activist and West Hollywood resident Ivy Bottini, 85, stands with her partner.

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Mayor John J. Duran speaking at West Hollywood City Hall

As the 9th circuit court of appeals announced its decision to strike down proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, a crowd gathered outside West Hollywood city hall to celebrate the ruling. KPCC's Ashley Bailey attended the rally, and talked with Ivy Bottini, a gay marriage supporter with a story that's hard to forget.

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