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Love Is ... Off-Ramp for February 11, 2012

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Cheech Marin and his newest project, a book of small paintings. Chicanitas.

A tour of Cheech Marin's Chicano art collection

Cheech Marin, half of stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong, gives Off-Ramp host John Rabe an exclusive tour of his Chicano art collection.

Santa Monica 5th graders on love and Valentines

FIfth-grader: If you don't have Valentine’s Day, if you’re married, how will you ever say to that special person “I love you?”

Bonobo expert talks evolution, sex and feminism

Professor Amy Parish says evolutionary science has only been telling one side of the story, and feminists ought to be worried.
Tammy Lang Nico Chelsea Mädchen

Tammy Lang channels late singer Nico in stage show

She sang for the Velvet Underground, acted for Fellini, posed for Warhol, and now Singer Tammy Lang brings Nico back to life with a show called "Chelsea Mädchen".
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Something Fishy

It's a good thing opponents of same sex marriage aren't fish. Commentator Milton Love explains the "non-traditional" sex lives of fishes.
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For Every Lover, a Schlepometer

Driving is a huge part of living in Southern California and quite often a hassle. For Valentine's Day, Off-Ramp contributor Karen Fritsche asks, "How far should I drive for love? And for sex?"
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Vox Pop: One true love?

Off-Ramp intern Bridget Read asked passers-by one of the eternal questions: "Is there one, and only one, true love per person?"

(For Mary and Nick Roman, KPCC's Senior News Editor, it's been 25 years! Photo by Patricia Nazario.)

As the 9th circuit court struck down proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, a crowd gathered outside West Hollywood city hall to celebrate the ruling.
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Voluptua — TV love goddess's reign lasted less than 2 months

RH Greene tells us about Voluptua, a short-lived 1950s local tv sensation, branded "Corruptua" by Christian protest groups.
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For Valentine's Day

Marc Haefele tells us that the Romans didn't think Cupid was so cute.

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