Banish Placard Abusers! - Off-Ramp for Feb. 18, 2012

Tim Robbins and The Actors Gang bring back "1984"

Off-Ramp's John Rabe talks with Tim Robbins about "1984," and the famous liberal's fatigue with political divisiveness. "I'm tired of fighting; I want to find common ground."

Zine promises handicap parking placard abuse crackdown

Rabe says banishment is the only fit punishment for people who hog parking spaces by fraudulently using handicap parking placards.
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KNBC-Chanel 4's Joel Grover, the investigative reporter who makes officials cringe when he calls, was looking for parking in downtown LA a while ago, and noticed that almost every meter was taken by a car with a disabled parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. Intrigued and angered, he set up a sting, and tells Off-Ramp's John Rabe what he found. COME INSIDE for links to Joel's story and Off-Ramp's previous efforts to publicize this problem.
Industry leaders have warned the new ordinance requiring performers to use condoms in adult film shoots could force them out of the area. But will it?
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L.A. Times writer Ralph Vartabedian shows John the rampant abuse of disabled parking permits. Ten percent of California drivers have them. Do they all really need them, or is it a scam?

Slaughter photos highlighted at caterer's tasting room

Hot caterer HeirloomLA opens new tasting room - The Salon - featuring Autumn de Wilde's pig slaughter photos on the wall.

Expanding music conservatory raised $1 million last month

Although its made quite the noise in the classical music world, the Pasadena Conservatory of Music is relatively unknown to most Pasadena residents.
Cheech Marin and his newest project, a book of small paintings. Chicanitas.

A tour of Cheech Marin's Chicano art collection

Cheech Marin, half of stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong, gives Off-Ramp host John Rabe an exclusive tour of his Chicano art collection.
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