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Los Angeles gets Gorey: Off-Ramp waltzes through the Edwardian Ball

Paige Osburn/ KPCC

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According to science fiction mastermind Jules Verne, "Reality provides us with facts so romantic that imagination itself could add nothing to them." Fast forward almost 200 years and that statement could cause many a popped monocle and theatrical faint among his many (many) admirers strutting their stuff at the 12th Annual Edwardian Ball.

What began as a 100-person homage to illustrator and satirist Edward Gorey took a quick left-turn into the wider 19th century as a battalion of Edwardian-era enthusiasts cinched their corsets, waxed their handlebars, and turned the ball into "a steampunked vision" (according to Flavorpill).

The Ball was initially a solely San Franciscan affair but as the attendance reached record proportions its founders opened up a satellite chapter in Los Angeles.

So from 8 pm to 2 am last week, downtown's Belasco Theatre found itself trapped in a time warp, with acts that ranged from acrobatics to burlesque to dance to jug-band jams. KPCC's Paige Osburn dusted off her petticoats and visited the Ball for its third run in L.A. (and its first since the closing of its original venue, the Music Box).