Singer Laurie Rubin asks, "Do You Dream in Color?" - Off-Ramp for March 3, 2012

Nick Stern: "Every time a news organization uses a Hipstamatic or Instagram-style picture in a news report, they are cheating us all."
Mezzo Soprano Laurie Rubin often gets asked, "Do you dream in color?" Find out why in this interview with Off-Ramp host John Rabe.

Bikes for the cycling citizen from Flying Pigeon

Flintridge Preparatory School students find out why you should buy a 65-pound bike.
Michael Giacchino John Carter Soundtrack
KPCC visited Giacchino for a tour of the historic studio as the film's score was recorded.
Las Virgenes Bookmobile Exterior
Friday, Feb. 24 marked the last run for the L.A. County Library's Las Virgenes bookmobile. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson visited the bookmobile on its second to last stop at the Seminole Springs Mobile Home Park in Agoura Hills.

New Van Halen = Old Van Halen and that's good

This month, Van Halen released its first album ("A Different Kind of Truth") with original vocalist David Lee Roth in almost 30 years. Much of the music was written but never released when the band was playing in backyards, seedy clubs and even the bar at the Pasadena Hilton in 1975.
Mercer 6293

Tarzan of Tarzana: Swinging Through the San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley historian Kevin Roderick (also of LAObserved) takes us to the ranch home of Edgar Rice Burroughs ... Tarzana.

Off-Ramp waltzes through the Edwardian Ball

An homage to Edward Gorey took a left-turn as Edwardian-era enthusiasts cinched their corsets, waxed their handlebars and turned the Edwardian ball into "a steampunked vision."
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