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Singer Laurie Rubin asks, "Do You Dream in Color?" - Off-Ramp for March 3, 2012

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She's past 80 but not past her prime ... horsewoman rides the 67-mile Backbone Trail

An 81-year old woman riding the 67-mile trail over the Santa Monica Mountains ... The California African American Museum just announced a major grant and collaboration with the Smithsonian ... We remember Carolyn See, who once said, “When I started to write, I was relatively old, and lived in California. So I was the wrong sex, wrong age, wrong coast. Luckily, I was too ignorant to know it.” ... We'll check in with KPCC’s Mike Roe at Comic-Con to see if anybody’s actually getting work done, or if they’re all playing Pokemon Go ...

Pokemon Go See Public Art

The Pokemon Go craze might get people to see more public art ... would you live in a murder house? Surf Punks!

Ringo, loquats, and a Skid Row artist you should meet

Meet an artist named Juanita Pina who lives on LA’s Skid Row. We’ll hear from Ringo Starr and talk with some of the hundreds of fans (like Scarlet, right) who celebrated his birthday with him in Hollywood. Tim Cogshell has another DIY film festival for Off-Ramp listeners, this time looking at 3 important films in the film noir style.

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