Off-Ramp for March 10, 2012, is like a Millard Sheets mosaic

The Pogues' James Fearnley on Shane MacGowan

When the Pogues met in a hotel room in 1991, they knew they had to fire unreliable frontman Shane MacGowan, but how would he take it? James Fearnley tells us.

RIP Firesign "Bozo" Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman's KPFK radio show gave birth to Firesign Theatre. He also produced political satire for KPCC called “True Confessions of the Real World.”

Millard Sheets' mosaics get a LA Conservancy tour

He made Pomona walkable, and banks likable, and the conservancy is fighting to preserve his work.

CyberFrequencies and the meme man Lil B

CyberFrequencies and the meme man Lil B
Kenton Nelson
Painter Kenton Nelson's work can be seen in galleries and homes all over, museums as far as Austria and five times on the cover of the New Yorker.

Everything needs an origin story, even 340-ton sculptures

If all went according to plan this Saturday morning, the L.A. County Museum of Art received its newest and largest acquisition: a 340-ton granite boulder, which will sit on top of a 456-foot-long concrete slot – walkable by museum visitors – in LACMA’s north lawn.
Polling booths

LA County crowdsources ideas for new voting system

L.A. County is the nation's biggest election jurisdiction, and it's also got an outdated voting system. Now the registrar is looking for answers.
Nick Stern: "Every time a news organization uses a Hipstamatic or Instagram-style picture in a news report, they are cheating us all."
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