The Best of Off-Ramp for March 24, 2012

San Pedro sophomores write collective poem

Last year, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez visited a high school English class and gave the students a surprising writing exercise.

Fighting bullying with jiu-jitsu in East Pasadena

Off-Ramp host John Rabe visits Gracie Barra, a jiu-jitsu center in East Pasadena that teaches kids self-defense skills, but – more importantly – teaches them self-respect.
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Hard Times: Marshelle Mills

Marshelle Mills is a mother of three. Her husband works for LAUSD and — until recently — she worked in child development. She's been unemployed for some time, and she's even gotten a few job offers — offers that she says she was forced to decline.

The GOOD Lieutenant: William Link, Columbo co-creator

The broadcast version of John Rabe's conversation with William Link, co-creator of "Columbo" ... along with "Mannix" and "Murder, She Wrote." COME INSIDE for links (haha) to the full interview, and his upcoming event with Christopher Rice at the WeHo Book Fair.

Massage tour of L.A.: "The Spa Less Traveled"

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Gail Herndon and Brenda Goldstein, who tried dozens of ethnic spas across L.A. for their new guidebook, "The Spa Less Traveled."
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He's Alive

John talks with international music superstar Tom Jones about his new album, "24 Hours," and about being one of the best pop singers ever...for forty years.
The Not-So-Secret Life of Scissors

A day in the life of a pair of giant scissors

LA County continues to struggle with deficit issues. With cuts left and right, one thing they're not getting rid of is the giant pair of ribbon cutting scissors that they hold near and dear. They have special handlers. And they are stored in special places. Kevin Ferguson--Off-Ramp's Producer--spent the day with one of those pairs from the warehouse to the ribbon cutting and back again.
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A game with Dodger Stadium's veteran ball hawks

If you’re one of the ball hawks at Dodger Stadium, every game is only about baseball…or baseballs. Ball hawks try to grab as many baseballs as they can.
Kevin Ferguson with Richard Simmons

Kevin Ferguson sweats with Richard Simmons

In L.A., you can sweat to the oldies with Richard Simmons himself. That's what producer Kevin Ferguson did. He didn't bring a tutu, but he did bring a mic.
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Al-Salaam Polleria: Where cultures converge

When you're driving down Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles, look for the huge fiberglass rooster sitting on a roof. It's the Al-Salaam Polleria. It's a live-poultry shop that sells halal chickens slaughtered according to Muslim dietary laws. What's a halal chicken shop doing in a mostly Latino neighborhood? Sabiha Khan reports for Off-Ramp.
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