Szapocznikow: the best sculptor you can't spell. Off-Ramp for April 7, 2012

Nick Stern photo taken with actual film and actual camera

Hipstamatic photo of Nick Stern and his best friend.

Film photo of freelance photographer Nick Stern.

Film photo: freelance photographer Nick Stern put his lens specs on his bicep.

Last month, I interviewed freelance photographer Nick Stern about his stance on Hipstamatic and Instagram photos.

In a nutshell, he said they are fine for everything but hard news, which I agree with.

I took a Hipstamatic shot of Nick, which you can see above, but I also unearthed an old SLR (and almost as old black and white film) and made a couple photos of Nick during our interview in Hollywood. I finally got the negs developed and then scanned to disc, and they're in the slideshow above.


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