Szapocznikow: the best sculptor you can't spell. Off-Ramp for April 7, 2012

Vintage CA license plates to make a comeback?

“Aside from not salting our roads, California doesn’t often do much for automobile enthusiasts.” Assemblyman Mike Gatto sponsors bill to let us have legal vintage plates to fit our vintage cars.
James Home Video
I lost my ability to speak Korean with my parents. I thought I could fix the problem by learning Korean, but it wasn't that simple.
AirSoft Gun

Adding jobs at AirSplat with a (soft) bang

Airsoft hobby's popularity shoots up during tough economy, triggering growth at AirSplat warehouse in Irwindale.
Alina Szapocznikow's sculptures got better as she got worse with cancer.
Boyle Heights Job Fair

Job fair in Boyle Heights - 600 jobs with focus on vets

Hey, I thought banks were the enemy! But Chase sponsored a job fair in Boyle Heights this week with 600 jobs available -- 200 each at Target and Chase.
What Mark Stambler was reduced to until Governor Broan signed the Homemade Food Act Friday.

Eat-LA on Off-Ramp: The California Homemade Food Act

In the latest episode of Eat-LA on Off-Ramp, backyard breadmaker Mark Stambler, shut down by the County Health Dept, gets help from his friendly neighborhood Assemblyman.

Shabbat observant superhero fights for justice

Off-Ramp's Sam Blum joins Heroman aka David Fillmore on a superhero ride along. Heroman is LA's only known superhero, he also wears a yarmulke.
Mexican children eat portions of a 50-me

How Mexican food conquered America

Do you remember when most Americans had never heard of a taco or a burrito?
Rabe presents photos of Hipstamatic/Instagram critic Nick Stern taken with actual film and actual camera.

An alliance: Martin Luther King, Jr and Los Angeles Jews

To mark the anniversary of his assassination: long-forgotten recordings tell of the alliance between Martin Luther King, Jr and Los Angeles Jews.
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