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Trayvon Martin's death raises questions about the risks of being young and black in America

by Jerry Gorin | Off-Ramp®

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Tony and Matt Capone hold homemade signs at in support of Trayvon Martin. Mae Ryan/KPCC

In her article “Trayvon: Murdered for walking while black,” activist Marian Wright Edelman writes, “Every parent raising black sons knows the dilemma: deciding how soon to have the talk”. The talk is about how to walk, what to say and how to act in public to avoid suspicion. But ask a black man in America and chances are he still has a “Walking or Driving While Black” story to tell.

In late March, as people across the country began to protest Trayvon Martin's death, KPCC news editor Nick Roman talked with black reporters Brian Watt, Stephen Hoffman and Corey Moore about the advice their parents gave them and their personal experiences with overt or covert racism in America.

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