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What do you remember about the LA Riots?

by Jerry Gorin | Off-Ramp®

Rod Singleton of South Central L.A. says he could smell fires burning near his home at 28th and Western during the 1992 riots. Jerry Gorin/KPCC

What do you remember about the L.A. riots? How did you first find out what was happening? Where were you? What did you do? How did you react?

Nearly everyone who lived or worked in Los Angeles in 1992 has a story to tell about the riots, and so Off-Ramp went to different parts of Los Angeles to talk to people about their memories.

Unfortunately we could not include every story, but here are 5 memorable segments from interviews with James Smith of Baldwin Hills, Rod Singleton of South Central, Karina Volquetas of San Pedro, Jesse Hernandez of Boyle Heights, and Anne Buster of Faircrest Heights.

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