Riots20 - History, voices, lessons of the Rodney King Riots - Off-Ramp for April 28, 2012

Music on this week's Off-Ramp

A California Highway patrolman directs r

Carlos Schiebeck/AFP/Getty Images

A California Highway patrolman directs raffic around a shopping center engulfed in flames in Los Angeles, 30 April 1992. Riots broke out in Los Angeles, 29 April 1992, after a jury acquitted four police officers accused of beating a black youth, Rodney King, in 1991, hours after the verdict was announced. (Photo credit should read CARLOS SCHIEBECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Below you'll find a playlist of all the music featured on this week's episode of Off-Ramp:

Off-Ramp Riots by Kevin Ferguson on Grooveshark

Also featured was Peter Gabriels' "Of These, Hope" from the soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ:

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