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Riots20 - History, voices, lessons of the Rodney King Riots - Off-Ramp for April 28, 2012

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Riots20: Stories from the LA Riots

We've collected memories from the 1992 L.A. Riots, which started April 29, 1992, with the acquittals of the LAPD officers accused of beating Rodney King.
Not again, I thought. And questions haunted me: Why does neighbor turn against neighbor almost overnight? How do we miss the signs? Can we keep it from happening again?
Trial Junkie Linda Jay

Mom, activist, and LA trial junkie

South LA's Linda Jay on witnessing LA’s most heated trials and how soon, she hopes to get her own justice.
Historian and journalist Joe Domanick lays primary blame for the L.A. Riots on the LAPD's tradition of hostility against blacks and Latinos, and Chief Gates' arrogance and dereliction of duty.
Peter Sagal
"Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's" Peter Sagal: Two cars roared up, screeched to a halt. All eight doors flew open, and out came uniformed police officers, each of them with a hand on their guns. The nearest officer looked familiar.

Memory of riots imprinted on a 6-year-old girl

KPCC producer Bianca Ramirez says a lot of people ask why she still lives near Florence and Normandie, the spot where the riots broke out. "It's home," she says.
Jill D'Agnenica Look for Angels
A year after the Rodney King riots, artist Jill D'Agnenica commemorated the anniversary by placing over 4,500 bright pink angel sculptures all around L.A.
On April 29, 1992, James Hahn was driving down Florence on his way to his parents' house. On the radio, he heard about the rioting and diverted to side streets.

R.H. Greene - Los Angeles Year Zero

Writer, documentarian, and filmmaker R.H. Greene reaches into his archive for a memory of the riots written twenty years ago.
Korean Market Self Defense
During April of 1992, Sonny Kang, a Korean-American from Koreatown, was in his college dorm room in San Diego when he first heard about the LA Riots.
A California Highway patrolman directs r

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