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Richard Chamberlain and the Oddly Laughing Audience - Off-Ramp for May 5, 2012

Segments From This Episode

Dick Cavett and David Peck join Off-Ramp host John Rabe to talk about the Merv Griffin Show archive, including thousands of hours of historical footage of the world's biggest names.
Expo Workweek
Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson ran into self-described "rail geek" David Kipen at La Cienega and Jefferson on the Expo Line's inaugural day.
Richard Chamberlain plays Dr. Sloper in "The Heiress," and for the play grew a large set of sideburns which, he's surprised to hear, makes him hip with the kids. "Cool," he says.

Laura Hillman - a Schindler Jew tells her story

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Laura Hillman, saved by luck and by Oskar Schindler, told her story at the Bowers Museum.
What to make of claims that China is a threat to the US? Marketplace's Rob Schmitz, who broke the Mike Daisey story, says you can calm down. China has enough problems of its own right now.
Crescent City Opera

Are you ready for LA's first "Hyperopera?"

The Industry's debut production of "Crescent City" allows the audience to take an active role in the viewing experience.
Expo Sound Blast

What was that ear-splitting noise in West L.A.?

It sounded like a miter saw cutting through the center of the earth. But what was actually behind the awful sound, and might you hear it again?

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