Off-Ramp for May 12, 2012

Soboroff typewriter

Steve Soboroff's typewriter time machines

What was missing from the Unabomber's typewriter? And what did Steve Soboroff find in the typewriters owned by Joe DiMaggio and Ernest Hemingway?

Hank Rosenfeld: Old Jews, old news

"Old Jews Telling Jokes" is old news for Irv Brecher collaborator Hank Rosenfeld.

Peter Mac as Judy Garland - a 3D tribute

Peter Mac has been performing tributes to Judy Garland for 11 years. His new show in West Hollywood brings all of Judy to the stage, not just the addictions.
Mercer 19272

Huell Howser's retiring: A remembrance

His shows told the stories of thousands of Californians and helped millions more learn about California's history. He's reportedly retiring, but he's left his mark on the state.
On Saturday, May 19, middle schoolers from all over the South Bay will go on stage in Lawndale for a very different kind of school play.
A half-hour with the man who was there in October, 1982, when the Pogues played their first gig. This episode is the director's cut!
Jazz at the A Frame, Betty Hoover's delightful home, might be LA's best jazz club. It's probably the best place to hear jazz ... not cell-phones, talkers, or clinking glasses and plates.

Dodger Clayton Kershaw and wife Ellen help African orphans

Tired of bad news out of Dodger Stadium? You'll forget about Frank McCourt when you listen to Clayton and Ellen Kershaw talk about their experiences helping orphans in Africa.
Yunte Huang comes to Vroman's Books in Pasadena Friday, September 24, to talk about "Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History." Listen to this extended interview with Off-Ramp host John Rabe. (For more information about the reading, go to
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