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My Two Sons - Silverlake Wine alums open Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena

Randy Clement, co-owner of Everson Royce Wine in Pasadena. Note the taps for
Randy Clement, co-owner of Everson Royce Wine in Pasadena. Note the taps for "draft" wine on the left.
John Rabe

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The first thing you notice when you walk into Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena ... well, besides the hundreds of wine bottles ... is an absence. "Where are the comfortable chairs I can camp out in all night as I slowly get more and more angry at the world?"

And according to Randy Clement, co-owner of the new store with April Langford and Joe Capella, that's the point. It's a lesson he learned as co-owner of Silverlake Wine, which has become a focal point of its neighborhood. No chairs means people wander around, bump into each other, talk, be human. People have met and married at Silverlake Wine; why not at Everson Royce?

Another thing you'll notice is beer taps. Except they're not for beer. They're for draft wine. Under the counter you'll find 5-gallon kegs kept at exactly the right temp, and a nitrogen delivery system. The wine stays fresh, meaning better taste for you and less wasted wine (wasting wine costs $$$ and is also a mortal sin). It also doesn't use any glass bottles, meaning it's better for the environment. And, winemakers make some wines exclusively for draft wine.

Another thing you'll notice, Randy promises, is zero attitude. Many wine stores treat their customers with great respect nowadays, but there are still enough snobby ones that the public has reason to be wary.

And the name? Is it an LLP? A veddy British touring car? Two thirds of a rock super group (Everson, Royce, and Palmer?)?

No, no, and no. Clement and Langford have twin sons, named Everson and Royce. Yes, it's a wine store named for the underaged.

(Everson Royce is on North Raymond Street in Pasadena next to the Armory Center for the Arts. (626) 765-9334 )