LA's last gay piano bar closing - Off-Ramp for June 2, 2012

American women earned the right to vote decades before they were allowed to run in marathons. The first to do it was Merry Lepper, in 1963, in Culver City.

RIP Marcie Page

RIP Marcie Page
Those of us who have lived and breathed Kings hockey since before the Lakers and Clippers lost in the playoffs are a pretty obsessed bunch.
With the non-profit LAX ART, Saturday the Hammer Museum opens a delicious new exhibit highlighting dozens of new and emerging artists from LA.
Over 40 years, it was a refuge from homophobia, a last preserve for pro-am show tunes, and a neighborhood bar. Now, Silverlake's The Other Side, the last gay piano bar in LA, is closing.
Whitney Bower Powwow

Even today, American Indian Powwows bring tribes together

Every weekend when the weather is fair, somewhere in the US, from Los Angeles to Maine, there’s an American Indian powwow going on.
California Voters Participate In The State's Pivotal Primary

How is the June 5 primary going to work?

Tuesday's vote will be the first statewide test of California's new open primary system. Voters created it when they passed Prop 14 in 2010.
What do you know about The War of 1812? To mark its bicentennial, starting Friday, KPCC's Molly Peterson will compress the 3 years it happened into 3 months, and blogging about it.
Tammy Lang Nico Chelsea Mädchen

Tammy Lang channels late singer Nico in stage show

She sang for the Velvet Underground, acted for Fellini, posed for Warhol, and now Singer Tammy Lang brings Nico back to life with a show called "Chelsea Mädchen".
Mercer 19205

D is for Dog, Dark, and Daring

"D is for Dog," a dark combo of stage acting, video, and puppetry that will leave you shaken and thinking about the nature and the future of man ... and his best friend.
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