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RIP Marcie Page

by John Rabe | Off-Ramp®

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Marcie Page, when she was deputy director of collections at Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena Mimi Haddon

On this weekend's show, you might have heard me dedicate the episode to Marcie Page. Marcie was a good friend who died of cancer Saturday morning at her home in Highland Park.

I called Marcie a passionate advocate for the arts for her long career at the Craft and Folk Art Museum and at Pacific Asia Museum. I also mentioned she was one of LA's best unknown cooks, a fact I can attest to, from wonderful paella cooked over on her family's patio on hot summer nights, to astoundingly rich and delicious cassoulet in the wintertime.

Marcie was irascible, tough, plainspoken to the point of brusqueness, but loyal and, at heart, loving. Listening to her in this 2009 Off-Ramp segment - talking about going back home to Paris, Tennessee, for Thanksgiving and about her most memorable Thanksgiving - it's hard to believe that voice has been stilled. But I'm glad we captured it, so that when we miss her, we can bring back those memories.

Rest in peace, Marcie.

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