The First Female Marathoner - Off-Ramp for June 9, 2012

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Remember Ray Bradbury; remember summer.

To remember Ray Bradbury is to remember summer. KPCC's John Rabe and Molly Peterson talk about one of their favorite books, Dandelion Wine, which catches magic in a bottle.

Ray Bradbury on "Fahrenheit 451"

KPCC's Kitty Felde interviews Ray Bradbury on the occasion of "Fahrenheit 451" being selected for LA's One Book One City event in 2002.
American women earned the right to vote decades before they were allowed to run in marathons. The first to do it was Merry Lepper, in 1963, in Culver City.
Project Mah Jongg
Project Mah Jongg, a new exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center, looks at how the Chinese tile game united families, friends and reached across cultures.

Bob Baker's historic Marionette Theater up for sale

Legendary puppeteer Bob Baker takes Queena Kim on a tour of America's longest running Marionette Theater. Bob Baker has announced that ticket sales haven't been enough to cover the overhead of his Marionette Theater in downtown LA, so he's putting the property up for sale.

"The Death Group" helped hundreds of people die in peace

Cassandra Christenson had been nursing for 15 years before she realized she had a knack for helping the dying. It soon became a lifelong pursuit.

David Dean Bottrell makes love, life, laughs

David Dean Bottrell, the screenwriter and actor, is back with another run of his one-man show "David Dean Bottrell Makes Love." The show is a collection of stories about Bottrell's life experiences with love.

Langer's Deli to celebrate 65 years with free sandwiches

Off-Ramp's Jerry Gorin went down to Langer's during a lunch rush this week to talk to people about what makes Langer's so special.
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