Off-Ramp spawns Vampira film documentary - June 23, 2012

Crenshaw High graduates talk about the future, and they don't think it's bleak

Tanya Miller

Chavin Hannah, a Crenshaw High graduate with a future ahead of her.

One’s writing a book about a war between Heaven and Hell … one’s joining the Marines as a computer tech … one’s off to study psych and business at UC-Irvine … another’s biggest fear is being a bum.

These aren't pampered West Side high school graduates.

These are kids who just graduated from Crenshaw High:

"My biggest fear is, sad to say, is to be a bum. That's my biggest fear right there. I just want to be successful. I see myself with a family, a wife, and everything."

"After graduation, I'm going to have ten days of leave before I go off to Marines boot camp. I'll be in Afghanistan or Iraq, but I won't be fighting. I'll be fixing computers."

"I'm leaving for Moscow University for college. I got a sports scholarship out there for rugby. I'll go to engineering school, too."

Good luck from Off-Ramp!

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