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Off-Ramp spawns Vampira film documentary - June 23, 2012

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RH Greene turned his Off-Ramp documentary about 1950s TV sensation "Vampira" (Maila Nurmi) into a film that's nominated for best documentary in the LA Film Festival.

Regardie: candidate Kevin James should hope for "King Ralph II"

Jon Regardie: In the LA mayor’s race, don't ignore Kevin James, attorney, former AM talk show host, and a onetime college football cheerleader.

Dylan Brody pitches a show to a fetus, gets nowhere

"I pitched a very cool show to a fetus at Buena Vista. And when I say I pitched it to a fetus, I exaggerate, but he was sponging amniotic fluid from his brow."

Industrial junk collector turns hobby into art

When you go to a flea market, you generally try to find things that aren’t worn out. But not David Palos. His one condition as a collector is that his items be warped by time.

Crenshaw High graduates talk about the future

Crenshaw High graduates talked to contributor Tanya Jo Miller about the future, and they're outlook is refreshingly optimistic.
popcorn popper

Eat LA tries raw meat, finds new ways to make coffee at home

Don't cook that meat! Don't turn on that coffee maker! And whatever you do—do not buy roasted coffee beans ever, ever again.
Radio Ambulante rehearsal

Radio Ambulante: This Latin American Life?

KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez talks with Daniel Alarcón about his newest project: Radio Ambulante, a podcast of This American Life-style stories told in Spanish.
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Music for Off-Ramp on June 23, 2012

Heard a song you liked on this week's show and can't figure out the name? Check out this playlist for your answer.
Evans Comeback Swimming

Will swimmer Janet Evans make an Olympic comeback?

Sixteen years after her retirement, Orange County's Evans is back in the pool.

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