Whitey Bulger's Barber - Off-Ramp for July 14, 2012

King Eddy

King Eddy Saloon closes: A eulogy

As downtown Los Angeles' King Eddy Saloon prepares to shutter for a renovation, what does it mean a constantly self-reinventing downtown L.A.?
Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater
"Stalag 17" was a black comedy set in a German POW camp. "Hogan's Heroes" turned the Germans into bumblers. A new production goes to the next level of absurdity.

Bestselling author Rick Marin on when "Dad" became "Coach"

One day, little Eli or Tanner or Seamus was at bat and I heard somebody yelling, “Elbow up! Protect the plate!” and, “Dig, dig, dig!” That someone was me.

Whitey Bulger's beard barber tells all to Off-Ramp

A barber, who shall remain nameless to protect his safety, tells Hank Rosenfeld he used to cut Whitey Bulger's hair ... until the FBI caught the fugitive mobster.

KPCC gives listeners the Comic-Con scoop

What happens at Comic-Con, never stays at Comic-Con. KPCC's Mike Roe tweets all the happenings to this years biggest pop culture event.

Marc Haefele reviews Getty's Gustav Klimt exhibit

The Getty is celebrating Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday with the first major museum exhibition to focus on the artist's drawings. Marc Haefele reviews.

Jim Meskimen, world's greatest impressionist

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Jim Meskimen, man of a thousand voices, including Robin Williams, Kirk Douglas, Charleton Heston, Woody Allen, and Droopy Dog.

Happy Bastille Day!

Allan Sherman celebrates Bastille Day: "We're gonna take you and your queen, down to the guillotine, and shorten you a little bit."

Expanding music conservatory raised $1 million last month

Although its made quite the noise in the classical music world, the Pasadena Conservatory of Music is relatively unknown to most Pasadena residents.
Trial Junkie Linda Jay

Mom, activist, and LA trial junkie

South LA's Linda Jay on witnessing LA’s most heated trials and how soon, she hopes to get her own justice.
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