Why is he wearing a cat? Because it's funny. Off-Ramp for July 21, 2012

"Call Me Rabe" - Off-Ramp host's "Call Me Maybe" parody best/shortest

Call Me Rabe

Jonathan Benn/KPCC

Off-Ramp host John Rabe covers CarlyRae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.

Rabbi, Rabies, Raimi ... the curse of being named Rabe (pronounced RAY-bee) has followed me my whole life. Now, I speak out about my suffering in "Call Me Rabe," which, if not the best "Call Me Maybe" parody on the web, is certainly the shortest.

Now, please, make this video viral.

Meantime, I'm hard at work on next next version...

This song is stuck in my head.
It makes me wish I were dead.
And it won't go away ...

It starts with that 4/4 beat.
Then I start tapping my feet.
I run out into the street.
It will not go away...

The beat it is growin'
My front teeth are showin'
No peace I am knowin'
Can't you stop it ... maybe?

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