Why is he wearing a cat? Because it's funny. Off-Ramp for July 21, 2012

Be blue better: Dylan Brody's 'Modern Depression Guidebook'

In depression you've found something you're good at. But you could be better.
Call Me Rabe
Rabbi, Rabies, Raimi ... the curse of being named Rabe (pronounced RAY-bee) has followed the Off-Ramp host his whole life. Now, he speaks out in "Call Me Rabe."
Grand opening

New exhibit highlights the Disney and Reagan connection

There is a new 12,000 square foot exhibition at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley called Disney Treasures.
From a plumbers strike to an amorous host, KPCC's Kevin Ferguson walks us through Disneyland's 1955 grand opening.
Pole Dancing Convention

Polar opposites: stripping versus sport

Some call it dancing, some call it striptease — but after a decade-long re-branding, more and more women are dropping in (literally) on America's pole studios.

The roots of humor — David Misch and 'Funny, the Book'

David Misch on his book on the art and history of humor, "Funny, the Book," which he bills as "The single most popular book on comedy ever written by David Misch this year!"

Matt DeBord talks with Rabe about being a shiny happy person

Debord to Rabe: Happiness economics has achieved new respect since the financial crisis — and suggested a whole new way to measuring economic growth.
Mercer 11335

Chamaine's Story: from the streets to success

A formerly homeless woman tells her compelling story of success -- rising above abuse, joblessness, depression, and losing her home -- at the Crawford Family Forum.
Franky Carrillo

A false conviction leads to self-discovery

After 20 years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit, Franky Carrillo's attitude of forgiveness redeems himself and others.
Brian May wraps 40-year project by publishing first complete book of TR Williams's c. 1850 photos of an English village ... they're in stuning 3D.
Tom Hanks Electric City

Tom Hanks heads to the Web for 'Electric City'

Tom Hanks' newest project, "Electric City," is a departure from what viewers expect.
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