No BS with a Ukulele! Off-Ramp for July 28, 2012


84-year-old rapper Kwayzar: 'I Can Still Do It'

Downey has a history of musical talent, including The Carpenters and Metallica. The town's newest addition is an 84-year-old rapper named Kwayzar.
Former rock star, author, musicologist, and radio host Ian Whitcomb talks about his life and his new book.
El segundo blue butterfly
In 1976, the El Segundo Blue Butterfly became the first ever insect on the federal endangered species list. Today, it numbers well over 100,000.

Should Los Angeles outlaw downhill skateboarding?

Off-Ramp contributor Jefferson Yen went to a San Pedro downhill skating hub to find out how people are reacting to potential ban.

LA Restaurants take 'eat local' movement to the next step

LA restaurants have begun keeping their own gardens in house. Reporter Sonata Lee Narcisse visited several restaurants to see what's cooking--and growing.

Be blue better: Dylan Brody's 'Modern Depression Guidebook'

In depression you've found something you're good at. But you could be better.
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