Mars! Art! Replicants! Sports! - Off-Ramp for August 4, 2012

"Some athletes toward the end of their career ... this was the epitome of what they'd been sacrificing for." Bolden was thinking of the 1984 Olympics.
Marc Haefele review's David Dufty's "How to Build an Android," then tells us about editing three of Philip K. Dick's 1960s sci-fi novels.
Stage II

RIP Karl Benjamin, art trailblazer, "hard-edge" but happy

RIP Karl Benjamin, post-war art trailblazer: "I can think of no other artist whose paintings exude the joy and pleasure of being an artist with more intensity than Karl Benjamin."
Jill D'Agnenica Look for Angels
At the Crawford Family Forum, Off-Ramp's John Rabe talks with Jill D’Agnenica and Robbie Conal about keeping the message from overwhelming their political art.

Bookman David Kipen: California invented Mars

Question one: Who wrote “A Princess of Mars,” the sci-fi novel that launched the famous Barsoom series of books, and inspired the recent movie “John Carter of Mars”?
3D Convention
Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to Costa Mesa for the 38th annual National Stereoscopic Association Trade Show and Convention.
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